Thursday, 1 September 2011

Photoshoot done!...

A big thank you to all the 100 that we managed to get through the doors at Fine Art Print Company in Bath today. We managed to start a little before noon and continued till about 5pm, shooting a single reference photograph for the 100 that either turned up after hearing about the project via twitter, facebook, seeing the flyers around town or were effectively coerced when they were walking past the shop! I have to say it was a pretty eye opening experience trying to persuade passers-by to come in and have their photo taken for the purposes of creating a portrait painting- fortunately only a couple looked genuinely scared and refused to participate!

So now the fun part begins, im going to be randomly picking a number 1-100 every day and seeing what i can produce in my alloted single hours worth of painting time! After 20 or so are done i will group them together and post them up here so that all my subjects can see how things are progressing. Hopefully at the end of 100 im going to have something pretty cool!

Heres is a couple of Instagram pics, the first is the signatures of the 100 volunteers, which in itself is great to see. The second is a screen grab of a few of the shots i took today, its amazing to see all these portrait refs lined up like this!

So, thank you all again, check back in a short while to see how things are progressing!


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