Friday, 23 September 2011

20 days in...

Well technically 22 but anyway.. heres the first 20 random portraits from the 100 volunteers. Thank you all again, hopefully this will all look pretty cool when its all collected together! As i said in my previous post- im picking one person per day by generating a random number from 0-100 but in the grid they run day one top left, left to right, row by row. I also mentioned that so far i havent been able to get these under and hour, one or two have come very close but for the most part theyre taking 1.15-1.25 or so, its not something im going to stress about- i would rather each came out like this than really roughly blocked in. Look out for the next 20!



  1. Incredible Tom, I don't know how you do it. I love the subtle palette. I think I spot a little chipmunk in the bottom left hand corner! :-)

  2. This is incredible! Wow, I'm number 85, massively excited to see the final project! Once again, incredible!