Tuesday, 22 November 2011

80 Days in...

Its that time again, 20 days later (well, 22 to be exact but i didnt get around to posting this yesterday) which means another 20 portraits done and just 20 left to do. If you are one of the 100, i will be sending out an email to let you know the project has finished but i will also be blogging it here, so if you didnt leave an email address- just check out the blog after the 10th Dec! Heres the latest 20 portraits:


Tuesday, 1 November 2011

60 Days in...

Another 20 down, lucky no13 officially took me to over half way through the project at 51 portraits done! So this collection takes the count up to 60 which 'should' mean that no100 will be done on the 10th December- it still feels like a long way to go but im slowly getting the project. Heres the next 20 portraits: