Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Not long to go now...

I cant believe its come around so quickly- thursday the 1st of September is a day away as i write this and i just wanted to say thanks to everyone for the interest in the project! I got a question on the first post that (for some reason) i cant reply to- Alex asked whether we will be trying to get all the photos taken on the Thursday or if people will need to come back on another day.

This is a tricky one to answer- hopefully we will be able to get 100 people turn up, have their photo taken and finish the shoot by the end of the day! But really i dont know for sure, will 100 people turn up? How long will it take to get each photo reference? Will it rain and put people off?.. a lot could go wrong really!

All i can say is that during tomorrow i will make sure i update my twitter feed (and if possible this blog and my facebook page) in order to let people know whats happening as the day goes on!

Again, thanks to all for the support and interest, hopefully i will see some of you tomorrow!

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