Thursday, 29 December 2011

3Cs Prints...

Over January you have the chance to purchase a 3Cs print (or more if you feel that way inclined). Orders will be taken throughout January then the order totals will be tallied and printed, signed and editioned accordingly. Below is the grid of all 100 portraits and their number IDs. To keep this as simple as possible, there is a link below to buy one print- at checkout you have the ability to tell me the ID of the portrait you would like (please ensure this is completed!).

Prints will be produced at 8x10" with a border for framing, signed and editioned on heavy cotton rag stock and shipped out flat in card mailers. Each portrait costs £25 including shipping.

Buy a 3Cs portrait here!

Thanks again for viewing over the last few months and again, a big thank you to all of those involved! Happy New Year as well by the way!


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  1. This is so inspiring Tom. I don't know how you find the time! Beautiful work on everything. I love that it's still "you" even though they're just simple portraits (and I don't mean "simple" as a negative, I mean in the sense that it's not full of symbolism or multiple characters/creatures or props) A lot of time when artists are somewhat limited with subject matter (especially simple portraits they've been commissioned), their true nature is lost or muddied. (Again, not a negative, I mean they create beautiful/well-executed portraits, but to the people that follow their work, the "soul" is lacking...) I love though that these are all true to your style and nature and "you" shine through. Just lovely ^__^